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President Trump.

Sitting in Tel Avi airport, scanning the news feeds, the ugly truth dawns that Trump will win the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth. I say ugly, because just like with Brexit, whatever the merits of the guy, it's a siren call to the nastiness in all of us. Racism, bigotry, suspicion edged with malice of 'the other' all gets a green card.

I was sat next to a black American elderly lady from California. She was downcast by the unexpected turn of events, and reflected that since Obama's election a lot of racism had bubbled beneath the surface. Trump 'dog whistled' to the likes of the KKK could endorse him with impunity, despite a long delayed reposte from Trump. America has long had a racist, vicious underbelly and it just barked back into life.

Yet it was also an election the Democrats and the political establishment lost. Through sheer arrogance and hubris. Quite frankly, who could really think of the wife of one of the only presidents to be impea…

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