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First Thoughts on Raising the Lichfield Cross

I am sat at the airport at the end of an amazing two months, itself the climax of a period of four years working on the Lichfield Icon Project.

Yesterday the final icon, the huge cross standing over three meters high, was suspended high in the nave of the cathedral. First the front of the studio, which stood in the south transept, was demolished and then the scaffold cradle which has held the cross for the last two months, was wheeled out and swiveled around into the entrance of the nave. The pulpit made the gap too narrow to pass any closer to the vast, soaring scaffold structure which had been erected in the nave up to the roof boss from where the single stainless steel rod from which the Cross was to be suspended.

So a delicate operation ensued, hooking the Cross to additional chains from the second scaffold and which would winch it upwards. Gradually the previously attached chains were extended while the new ones tightened, with the foot of the  Cross held with a strap to prevent…

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