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Time to be called on the Big State/Small State argument.

In today's Guardian Jonathan Freedland has an excellent piece about a new model of looking at how to improve the way society works. If focuses on the approach of Hilary Cottam, who has done some inspiring work as part of the World Bank, and for redeveloping schools and social services. Take a look at the article, its not too long but worth while.

Why? Because it talks about the state as servant. For much of my lifetime the debate has been shaped by a polarity between the Socialist Big State and the neo-Conservative Little State. With the former you get state control, state expenditure, the Big Nanny, politicial correctness and a whole managed society - not just a managed economy. The latter is homeless on the streets, minimum health care, tuition fees and care not in the community but left to the community, be that food banks or volunteering. The effect of BOTH is indifference at a personal level.

I say that because under socialist Big State the directive is that the State has th…

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