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A very British coup? The reality is far worse

Whatever the outrage, a calm assessment of the situation in our country over proroguing parliament has to be alarmed. Even if only 4 extra days, coming when there would be a good case to be made for not proroging for the party conference season, its worrying. It doesn’t feel like the executive respecting the way our constitution works. It smacks of political games.  Of course this is the very stuff of political life. The eliptical nature of the British Constitution while shaped by an expectation that everyone plays by the rules nevertheless develops when people don’t. That’s its nature. And its genius. It gives absolute flexibility, but with a code of honour underpinning it all. This is where I think most commentators and demagogues are missing a trick. Its not that Johnson has pushed the constitutional boundaries, but the way he has done it. Bercow, that preening monster of a Speaker, has after all played free and yet fair with Parliamentary precedent to give Remainers an adva

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